The year 2019 is advancing rapidly with many new developments in the shrimp world. New farms and suppliers are being announced and contacting us each month, so our community continues to grow!

From October 7th to 10th this year the European Aquaculture Society will be holding its annual conference in Berlin, Germany. Gregor and I will be convening the shrimp scientific presentation section at the conference and we will also be holding the 2019 Euroshrimp Workshop in Berlin in conjunction with the conference!

We will be coming back to you with dates and locations and other details in the coming weeks.

For those of you who would like to make a scientific presentation please feel free to contact me at to discuss submitting an abstract. Further information about the conference and the sessions can be found here.

We at AWI and the University of Auckland have been busy, with the support of the Federal Ministry of education and Research and the Royal Society of New Zealand and have released new studies on sound in aquaculture including RAS and pond shrimp farms which can be found here. We continue our studies and hope to present you with some results directly testing the impact of soundscapes on shrimp stress and immune responses very soon.

Please feel free to be in contact if you have any news you would like to share via the Euroshrimp portal or mail us at

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