Shrimp Research

Computer vision based shrimp counting software

The presentation of Dr. Stephan Ende with the title “PRELIMINARY DATA ON AUTOMATED SHRIMP COUNTING IN DIFFERENT RAS BASED COMMERCIAL SHRIMP FARMS” covers the development, implementation and first results of a computer vision-based shrimp counting tool and we kindly invite you to test the tool on your farm.

What’s the problem?

The European (broodstock) population of whiteleg shrimp has an undocumented genetic diversity. This compromises the breeding of healthy animals in the long term.

Our solution.

We genotype your shrimp with the latest blue biotechnology (SNP array) to get a good idea of the genetic background of the European shrimp population. This will allow to advise on a sustainable breeding strategy on a European scale.


From the data gathered, a report on the genetic diversity of European stocks will be drafted. In this, we guarantee confidentiality of individual farms. On top, individual farms will receive feedback on their stocks.

“The Whiteleg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, is the most widely produced shrimp species worldwide. This species has exhibited persistent increases in global production over the past decade.

One of the most marked production problems with this shrimp species is the uneven growth among individuals, which can lead to higher cannibalism, imprecise feeding and uneven product size. ”

“Digitization of land-based shrimp farming in Germany using AI-based analysis of imaging and acoustic systems”

“The European Commission’s Blue Growth agenda for the Baltic Sea Region identifies aquaculture as one of the most promising sectors of the region’s maritime economy”