This is the first Euroshrimp Newsletter in official format. You’ll see you can opt out at any time and you’ll have some simple instructions about the European Data Privacy Directive and opting in. Thank you for signing up. 

We don’t write long emails, we’ll just supply you with the latest information we have in an easily digestible format. So, this first newsletter is committed to the pressing need related to PL supply and the great interest in hatchery operations.  

  1. Please click here for a reader version of the latest editorial in the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society related to the PL / Hatchery challenges facing European shrimp producers
  • For your interest, we attach the summary reports from the latest workshop meeting held in Montpellier entitled “Production of penaeid shrimp in Europe” so professionally organised and presented by Dr Stefan Meyer of the KNAQ Network.
  • Finally – the world of hatchery suppliers is expanding, to offer you contacts and information, please find below the currently compiled list (a very large thanks to Bert Wecker who compiled much of this) of hatchery suppliers known to us in Europe and USA with current status and contacts:


     Status of PL supply  
Company Name / Group NameLocationInternetActively deliveringProducing In preparation
Shrimp ImprovementUSA, FLwww.shrimpimprovement.comxx 
Global Blue TechnologiesUSA, TXwww.globalbluetechnologies.comxx 
Molokai Sea FarmsUSA, HIwww.broodstock.comxx 
Kona Bay MarineUSA, HIwww.konabaymarine.comxx 
Miami AquacultureUSA, x 
American PenaeidUSA, FLwww.penaeid.comxx 
Eco Shrimp HatcheryITAwww.ecoshrimp.euxx 
Gamba ?x
FloGro SystemsUKwww.flogrosystems.comxx 
Vannamei ?x
Suburban  x

We have done our best to provide the most accurate information here, but of course can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies. If you have any questions about suppliers or products (some of which we have tested), changes or suggestions, please contact us at

Proposed by ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT    |    Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research | Section of KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER    |    AQUACULTURE RESEARCH GROUP

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