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The very challenging year 2020 is slowly coming to an end and, due to the Corona Pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you personally at conferences and meetings throughout the year. Nevertheless, the important issues, challenges and problems in European shrimp breeding and farming remain.

Again and again we receive inquiries about shrimp farming in Europe with special attention to inner European post larvae production and new facilities developments. Therefore, we have decided to hold a webinar together with the German “Bundesverband Aquakultur” (federal Aquaculture association) about Hatcheries in Europe.

During this webinar, you will be updated on the development of the European PL production. Hatchery managers will report on the production status and possible delivery capabilities of their businesses and provide us with an outlook on the future of PL production in Europe. Furthermore, we will offer you the possibility to talk directly to the community and ask your most urgent questions.

Register for the Webinar

The online conference will be held on December 1st, 2020 from 3pm to 5pm. Please register by following this LINK or on our website. We will provide you with further information in the upcoming weeks.

Save the date and look forward to an interesting afternoon together with EuroShrimp and the federal Aquaculture association.

Our next opportunity for a physical meeting is likely in Funchal, Madeira in the coming year. We will be convening the shrimp sessions there.

Until then, stay safe and sound and we will meet you at the webinar in December.

P.S.: Please feel free to be in contact if you have any news, questions or information you would like to share via the EuroShrimp network. You can get in contact via the website or mail us at our new Email address:

Proposed by ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT    |    Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research | Section of KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER    |    AQUACULTURE RESEARCH GROUP

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