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Dear EuroShrimp Community Members,

we would like to thank you for your excellent level of participation in the joint Webinar held by the “German aquaculture association” and EuroShrimp on the “PRODUCTION STATUS OF EUROPEAN SHRIMP HATCHERIES”. Special gratitude goes to the speakers, who made this interesting and informative afternoon possible thanks to their quality presentations.

We obtained a great deal of insight into the production status and delivery capacities of European Shrimp Hatcheries and were delighted to hear, that some of our presenters are already producing and suppling the European market with their PL’s.

As with all our previous workshops and meetings, the presentations are now available for download as pdf files on the EuroShrimp Website. Thanks to Stefan Meyer from the German aquaculture association, it is also possible to view recordings of the individual talks.

Furthermore, we would like to point out the newly opened Forum where you can get in contact with others in the European shrimp community. Since we have just opened the forum, the contributions are just beginning to come in. However, don’t be afraid to create new topics, ask questions, search for answers and help to shape and grow the forum.

A forum lives from the activity and the contributions of its community, so feel invited to participate.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a healthy and happy start to the New Year. Of course, we also look forward to meeting you – hopefully personally – in 2021

Kind wishes and all the best from The EuroShrimp Team

P.S.: Please feel free to get in contact if you have any news, questions or information you would like to share via the EuroShrimp network. You contact us via the website, the new Forum or send an Email to

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