Vision Based Shrimp Counting

Dear EuroShrimp Community,

we would like to draw your attention to a specific presentation on the agenda with this follow-up on the program of the EuroShrimp Forum at the AE2022.

The presentation of Dr. Stephan Ende with the title “PRELIMINARY DATA ON AUTOMATED SHRIMP COUNTING IN DIFFERENT RAS BASED COMMERCIAL SHRIMP FARMS” covers the development, implementation and first results of a computer vision-based shrimp counting tool and we kindly invite you to test the tool on your farm.

We would like to take this opportunity and see how it performs in different shrimp farm systems. For testing, you only need your smartphone! Please go directly to click browse and take an image of your shrimp from just above the tank. Upload the images and within a few seconds you will get an automatically generated number of shrimps detected on this image.

Below is an image demonstrating what you may expect as outcome.

Computer vision based automated shrimp counting software from
Computer vision based automated shrimp counting software

You can also access the tool via this Link which will direct you to the project homepage of the Aquaculture Research Group of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute.

Many thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to discuss your automated counts in Rimini (prior responses are welcome!).

Kindest wishes,

Dr. Stephan Ende, Dr. Bert Wecker and the EuroShrimp Team.

P.S.: Please feel free to get in contact if you have any news, questions or information you would like to share via the EuroShrimp network. You contact us via the website, the new Forum or send an Email to

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